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Sunday, July 23, 2017        

Top Ten Ways to Motivate Employees

  1. Personally thank employees for doing a good job one-on-one, in writing, or both. Do it timely, often, and sincerely.

  2. Be willing to take the time to meet with and listen to employees - as much as they need or want.

  3. Provide employees specific and frequent feedback about their performance. Support them in improving performance.

  4. Recognize, reward, and promote high performers; deal with low and marginal performers so that they improve or leave.

  5. Provide information on how the company makes and loses money, upcoming products, and services and strategies for competing. Explain the employee's role in the overall plan.

  6. Involve employees in decisions, especially as those decisions affect them. Involvement equals commitment.

  7. Give employees a chance to grow and learn new skills; encourage them to be their best. Show them how you can help them meet their goals while achieving the organization's goals. Create a partnership with each employee.

  8. Provide employees with a sense of ownership in their work and their work environment. This ownership can be symbolic (for example, business cards for all employees, whether they need them to do their jobs or not).

  9. Strive to create a work environment that is open, trusting, and fun. Encourage new ideas, suggestions, and initiative. Learn from, rather than punish for, mistakes.

  10. Celebrate successes of the company, of the department, and of individuals in it. Take time for team- and morale-building meetings and activities. Be creative and fresh.

Extracted from Managing for Dummies

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